If you have ever wanted to invest in real estate – this is a must read!

Scott Benjamin set a goal to achieve a net worth of $2,000,000 by investing in real estate. Armed with little experience and less financial capital, he learned valuable lessons by attending the “school of hard knocks” during the most volatile real estate market in history. While he ultimately achieved his financial goal, the journey to fulfillment was not a straight line.

Now, for the first time – in a book that took over 10 years to complete – Scott is releasing his daily diary, a memoir which took place in real time during the largest real estate bubble in history. Beginning in 2001, Scott took meticulous notes of how he flipped a single house, raised capital to participate in land deals and ultimately risked it all with the development of a 193 unit apartment deal.

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Experience the incredible rush of his massive financial success during the rise of the bubble and languish with the misery he experienced losing millions of dollars in the crash of 2008.

What You Can Learn From This Book

Learn what it takes to be a real estate investor, whether at the peak of success, or through one of the worst financial times in recent history.

The five most important tips you’ll learn

  1. The mechanics of analyzing any deal from single house flips to office and land development
  2. Every component of real estate analysis including construction, carry and commissions
  3. How to raise capital from both the banks and private equity sources
  4. Various methods of structuring the debt and equity
  5. The jargon and language used to succeed in this business

Real Estate Deals You Will See

  • Fay Blvd.
  • First Commercial Property
  • 193 Unit Apartment (Before)
  • 193 Unit Apartment (After)


Readers of Riding the Bubble have managed to learn an amazing amount, and in turn quite a few have reviewed the book to make the purchase even easier for others.

Book Reviews

Riding the Bubble takes you through the personal endeavors of Scott Benjamin as he pursues $2 Million in wealth. You feel connected through the readings almost as you are in the same situation. You continue to turn the pages as you are lead through both highs and lows of purchasing and selling. This is the excitement of the housing market that real estate entrepreneur’s dream of. Scott talks with his audience on a personal level, giving you a straight look in to his finances and process. The book is full of wisdom and ideas of leveraging deals and looking for potential that others do not see. This is recommended for anyone looking to build their own businesses, real estate investors, or those that are curious of how someone rode biggest bubble in decades.

Frank Ripley

Riding the Bubble reads like not most books I’ve read. It didn’t feel like I was reading, rather I was having a conversation with the author. The topics were easy to understand, even though I have no experience in real estate. It was interesting to see another take on the rise and fall of the housing bubble.

Alexander Rumsey

Riding the Bubble is a fantastic personal account on real estate dealings when the market was red hot in the early 2000's. This book goes one step further and does not sugar coat the fallout once the bubble burst. The author's style of writing makes this a real page turner that excites and lets you see the industry through the eyes of a budding investor

Morgan Wilson

The way this book is written... you feel like you are there in the thick of it, buying and selling houses at the height of the market. It is one of the best accounts of the housing bubble I have seen from the perspective of the real estate investor. Getting a step by step process of deals as they occurred is just such an interesting way to see the housing bubble form, and then inevitably pop.

Thomas Haynie

About The Author

Scott Benjamin
Dr. Scott Benjamin
Serial Entrepreneur

Scott Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur with a recurring passion for real estate. In 1991, he received his real estate salespersons license in Florida but only earned $230 in commissions. Following a stint in the restaurant business working for Domino’s Pizza and Rudy’s Hamburgers, Scott went back to school to get a graduate degree. With the help of some young partners, Scott created Signature Properties.

Over a ten year period, Scott learned the real estate business from the ground up. Seeing the eminent crash of 2008 approaching, Scott pivoted careers and earned a PhD in Strategy at the age of 42 from the University of Maryland. Dr. Benjamin now teaches at a small private University in Florida.

In 2014, Scott began investing in real estate once again with an eye on capitalizing on the rising real estate market. Stay tuned for his next potential book, “The First Ten Million”.


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Dr. Benjamin has spoken to a variety of audiences on both real estate and corporate strategy. He has conducted training at General Electric, Bristol Myers Squibb, Mid-Atlantic Association of Real Estate, Sherwin Williams and many other educational and corporate clients. Dr. Benjamin has inspired students at numerous colleges and Universities across the country.

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